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My Notes - for the Watch

Timer - Watch & Bluetooth

Calendar /w - for Watch

Calculator /w - for Watch + iOS

Calculator+Currency PRO

Flowing Calendar PRO

Flowing Calendar HD

Universal Notes


2016 July: Updated Universal Notes app V 1.7.

2016 December: Updated ‚Calendar /w’, ‚Calculator /w’, ‚Timer - Watch & Bluetooth’, ‚My Notes - for the Watch’: All apps provides complications on the watch face. Using them, you can launch the apps from the watch face.

2016 December: Updated Calculator + Currency’: Capable of Multitasking (Split View and Slide Over) on newer iPad devices.

2017 October: Update Calculator + Currency PRO’ V2.1: Minor UI improvements.

2017 October: Update Timer - Watch & Bluetooth’ V4.0: Minor UI improvements.

2017 October: Update ‚My Notes - For the Watch’ V4.0: Problem solved: „Add Line to Note“.

Smart apps from  Frank Perdana Labs  since 2011