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from Frank Perdana Labs

Very valuable features:

● ISO 8601

● Multitasking

This App provides a single, a twin, a week-based and an annual calendar.

It just displays calendar months, and NO events (appointments).

Additionally, it is capable of multitasking on a newer iPad (Slide Over and Split View).

The calendars are shown in the device's language and according to the region's rule applied to it.

The calendar week numbers are shown according to one of the following rules:

● The region's rule applied to the device

● Weeks begin on Sunday and Calendar Week #1 begins on the first of January

● ISO 8601

Calendar range: January 1583 - December 3000.

In the FREE version, the calendars show only the recent 24 months including the next quarter.

Jump to an arbitrary month directly (until December 2999): Please use the GOTO button or double-tap on a calendar.






Flowing Calendar PRO

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Apple iOS 9.0 or higher

Free version with in-app purchase ; iOS-Universal

Flowing Calendar HD

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Apple iOS 7.0 or higher

Paid & Free version; iOS-Universal