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Have you ever wished to make notes of various types on travel, or in daily life?

Have you ever wished to easily find your parking car again?

Make notes of types: (GPS) coordinates, photo, audio and text.

The notes are collected in a list and each of them can be sent per email.


Save your current geographical position with the builtin sensors by just tapping on a button (given technical conditions).

Or enter a position as an address or as geographical coordinates using a keyboard.

Look at the saved position on a map and navigate (by foot / car) to the position later.

Display options: Normal, satellite or hybrid.


Take a photo as a note, add a geographical position to it.

Watch the photo later. Use the geographical position as in 1.


Make an audio recording: The app as a voice (dictating) recorder (with Pause function).

Play the audio recording. A mark can be set.


And last but not least create and edit text notes. Font size is changeable.

Describe every single note.

The notes are saved in the app’s own memory region. Every note can be sent per email.


In the FREE version not more than one note per type (GPS coordinates, photo, audio and text) can be saved.

In the PREMIUM version many notes can be saved.






Universal Notes

iPhone, iPad

Apple iOS 9.0 or higher

Paid version; iOS-Universal

Universal Notes FREE

iPhone, iPad

Apple iOS 9.0 or higher

Free version; iOS-Universal